A Fort Collins Community of New Homes is Blooming

The new year is blooming, and with it, a new community of new homes is growing in Fort Collins. Bloom is a direct response to what people need now. It has been designed to deliver on modern desires like a connected trail system, a variety of parks, mixed-use shopping and dining, and the beauty of nature – all right at your doorstep.

Urban Convenience Infused with Nature

Upcoming changes and improvements to the Mulberry Avenue corridor, which travels from Bloom directly into downtown Fort Collins, will benefit residents and future generations through access, convenience, and economic vitality. This formerly industrial region is being revitalized into a cozy, vibrant commercial area that is full of character and life. Bloom residents and the community at large will enjoy urban advantages like the opening of new small businesses, more accessible transportation options, and improved infrastructure as a result of this corridor’s development.

But just because a place is urban doesn’t mean it isn’t natural. The new homes at Bloom in Fort Collins provide all the accessibility and amenities of an urban lifestyle, as well as the health and wellness benefits of native plantings, evergreen spaces, and intentional biophilia. That’s the foundation of New Urbanism at Bloom.

Benefits of Biophilia

Biophilia refers to our innate need as humans to interact with and be immersed in the natural world around us. When we embrace this need, and design communities and spaces around it, there are abundant physical and psychological benefits.

Studies have shown that biophilic design is incredibly beneficial for physical and mental health. It can boost our immune systems, encourage social connections, help us sleep better, and even reduce anxiety and improve cognitive function. Anecdotally, most of us know that spending time in nature makes us feel calm and relaxed. Biophilic design takes this sensation to the next level by exposing us to nature at every turn, even just on a short walk from our home to the Community Green or resort-style pool.

Biophilia appears at Bloom through the design of the community itself – think walkways covered in plants and soft natural surfaces – and also in creative, unexpected ways, such as art installations made using natural materials. Nature welcomes you at Greenfields Gateway, Bloom’s grand entrance, overrun with plants and blooming flowers. Throughout the community, you’ll find dynamic green spaces like the lawns and gardens of Bloom Park, the greenhouse trellises along Community Green, and meandering pedestrian pathways lined with pollinator plants.

New Homes Blooming with Heart and Soul

The home builders at Bloom are devoted to making your dreams a reality. Like you, they see the potential and promise of Bloom. They understand what this community is about and how every home they construct will be a crucial component of this flourishing ecosystem.

Hartford Homes will bring a collection of single-family homes to Bloom as well as a collection of more compact cottages starting at just over 1,000 square feet. As a builder and the community developer, Hartford is deeply invested in the shared vision of Bloom as a haven for its residents and a positive influence on Fort Collins as a whole.

Brightland Homes, a nationally recognized home builder with a local focus and commitment to customer care, will bring a collection of single-family homes to Bloom. Brightland focuses on functional homes that deliver on a modern homeowner’s needs, which has earned the company several PRISM Awards for excellence in home plans and designs.

Learn more about the home builders at Bloom.

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