Discover Fort Collins

This is where downtown has an Old Town with the energy of a college town. A place that feels like home upon first introduction. Bloom’s location at the gateway to downtown Fort Collins means there’s an abundance of things to do, places to work, global tastes to try, and forward-thinking schools for the next generations. And it’s always changing. Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

Get Your Bearings on What’s Nearby

Bounce around the map below to see what’s nearby the new homes of Bloom Fort Collins.


Food. Drinks. Shopping.

Although Fort Collins is the crowned jewel for Colorado craft brew, its dining scene rivals those of Denver or Boulder. From neighborhood coffee shops that are quaint, hip, or whatever the coolest word is for a coffee shop, to popping lunch and dinner spots, pies with notoriety, and of course, craft beers. And don’t stray for shopping. There are inside-outside centers, Old Town retail, and pretty much everything else.

Trails. Parks. Lakes.

When you’re in Bloom, you’re never far from a true Colorado experience. Reservoirs for paddleboarding and camping, and Cache la Poudre for floats down the river. We’re teeming with state parks and nature reserves, and trails that tie the area together. There’s so much to do and explore in Fort Collins that no day has to be the same. It’s a great place to plant your roots.


With each step, a flower blooms. And with each day, something new is learned. Bloom is where minds blossom. Schools here aren’t run-of-the-mill. Down the street are internationally-minded, bilingual immersion schools, and schools that offer so much more than what’s in a classroom. Field trips to what’s unique about Colorado, and beyond. Be studious. There’s so much to learn from what’s in the neighborhood.

Art. Music. Culture.

Head straight west down Mulberry Avenue and you’re smack dab in the center of Old Town Fort Collins. Art is everywhere. Fort Collins is proud of its mission to offer arts in public places. And when the season is ripe, music fills the air from the Mish riverfront amphitheatre to halls of Colorado State University Center for the Arts. There’s a culture here that’s all about fostering creativity. No matter which culture you call your own.