The Bloom Obelisk

A gateway to the urban garden sets the stage for all that blossoms within.

People enjoying outdoor life


Community Green

This is the neighborhood’s urban heartbeat. It offers a diverse mix of uses designed to bring people together in harmony. Saturday mornings, Friday evenings, and everyday afternoons come alive on the Community Green. It’s a place where not just the neighborhood, but Fort Collins, can come to gather, connect, and enjoy farmers markets, movies on the lawn, and ice cream with friends. Kids and adults will each find something designed just for them thanks to artistic touches, engaging spaces, and cozy corners that activate the senses and encourage community.

Bloom - Retail Collage


Retail in the Neighborhood

At the entrance to Bloom is where all the various parts of you will converge. There will be retail, big and small, surrounded by eater-tainment that brings everyone to the yard. Where the laid-back, I’ll-have-another part of you can soak it up with something crafty and something tasty. The list-conquerer can get things done before a movie under the stars at the Community Green. The best part: it’s all in the neighborhood.
Woman sitting on a curb, dad walking his child


Community Trail

An urban inspired pedestrian corridor designed to colorfully connect people and places. Whether coming from the Green or headed to it, people will take precedence on Aria. This pedestrian-oriented corridor will naturally blend urban energy with suburban character. Lower Aria will be an engaging pathway that’s enhanced with artistic lighting and expressive nodes that pull people through the space. Everything designed to make getting to your destination more enjoyable thanks to environmental elements that encourage play along the way.

Dad swinging his daugther, duck swimming


Community Park

The neighborhood park and pool will be the center of activity for recreation and leisure. A place for family, friends, and neighbors to come out and play. Life will feel like it’s in full bloom here. In the neighborhood’s signature park residents will experience the garden theme through greenhouse inspired amenities that activate the senses and encourage people to grow together. Greenspaces will invite neighbors to gather, playgrounds will captivate the imagination, and water will rejuvenate the spirit. All in a setting where natural beauty is contrasted with contemporary forms and furnishings.

Bloom Pool Collage


Resort-Style Community Pool

Have a pool day. And then some. The community’s resort-style pool coming to Bloom is way more than what you’d expect. Yes, it’s a place to cool off and wind down during the dog days of summer, begging you to lounge and relax. Yet there’s a whole other side to the pool and park that makes for serendipitous outings any day the sun is shining. Kids can splash in the splash pad, or run and jump and climb at the pool area playground. There’s a sport court to pick up a pick-up game. And a trail that lets your mind meander. We can’t wait to unveil more of the details so stay tuned.