A Community of New Homes in Fort Collins that Delivers the Best of New Urbanism

Bloom is a community of new homes in Fort Collins that is a beautiful, organic collision of the urban world and the natural one. Created in adherence with the principles of New Urbanism, Bloom is a place where you won’t just live, but thrive, discover, and grow.

Bloom will become your new home, your new space, and your place where you can blossom.

What is New Urbanism?

New Urbanism is an approach to planning and developing communities that focuses on the human experience that those communities will provide.

It sounds obvious: of course we design neighborhoods to meet the needs of those who will live in them, right? But in recent history, urban planning actually followed a set of different priorities. After World War II, development moved towards suburban sprawl and low-density land use.

Living outside the city, away from the amenities you need, became the norm. This has been shown to have negative impacts all around: on people’s social and physical health, the environment, and the economy.

New Urbanism is a movement to bring back human-scale communities. This means everything an individual might need is within a short walk of their home. Not only does this increase convenience and accessibility, but it also builds community: we are more likely to engage with our neighbors when we are all using the same community resources and spaces.

These spaces – comfortable, familiar spots that are outside-but-near our homes – are crucial to our mental and emotional health. They’re sometimes referred to as “third places.” As in, it’s not your most familiar place (home) and it’s not a brand new place, but it’s something in between: something that offers newness and stimulation, a changing crowd, but still provides a sense of comfort.

Before the pandemic, most of us had a third place – a coffee shop we frequented, a gym or a bookstore, a restaurant where we were regulars. The pandemic dismantled this important pillar of social existence.

New Urbanism and the Urban in Nature vibe of Bloom Fort Collins endeavors to build it back up: to give people their third place, and their first place, all in one.

The Benefits of New Urbanism

Bloom’s community of new homes in Fort Collins is a place that connects you to all of your needs, a central homebase with expansive opportunities for you to blossom. From home to third place and beyond, this community provides all the benefits of New Urbanism through its impressive, well-designed amenities:

  • Better community health: Bloom offers more ways to connect with your neighbors and your nature with choiceful biophilia, which results in improved community health.

    Whether it’s enjoying the resort-style pool area, or frolicking in the Community Park, you’ll find yourself in the heartbeat of Bloom, where you can make plans with neighbors or just happen upon each other. Either way, memories are made, community is built, and residents are left more joyful and healthy.
  • Advanced sustainability: A low-impact, green lifestyle is at the core of New Urbanism, and it’s a steadfast value at Bloom, as well. The Community Green will provide a mixed-use area that’s directly accessible for all residents, an urban center that provides everything one might need and more: an ice cream cone with the kids, a farmers market for your groceries, art that engages the senses.

    Sustainability is about a lifestyle that feels more than manageable, an experience that is more than just contentment. A community like Bloom not only provides excellent accessibility, but also pleasure and meaning – all right at your doorstep.
  • Alternate transportation: Bloom fulfills another core tenant of New Urbanism in its walkability and bikeability. Cars are tough on the environment, and traffic and parking struggles can quickly ruin a perfectly good day. Instead, hop on a community trail, a pedestrian corridor that connects you seamlessly from where you are to where you want to be.

    Carefully plotted routes along the Cooper Connection and more will provide quick and easy access throughout Bloom and beyond, and will also be an experience in itself, with artistic lighting and opportunities for play and exploration throughout.
Walking inside well decorated interior of example new home in Bloom Fort Collins

Bloom Brings a Variety of New Homes to Fort Collins

Bloom will bring a variety of new homes to Fort Collins, ensuring the New Urbanism experience is available to all types of homeowners. From downtown Fort Collins, just follow Mulberry Avenue east for less than 3 miles to this urban haven of creativity and design.

Hartford Homes brings their singular approach to careful, modern design and a collection of long-lasting, enduring homes to the Bloom community. Hartford Homes has served Northern Colorado for more than 30 years as a trusted, reputable builder, constructing functional homes with a custom feel to enhance your lifestyle.

Brightland Homes combines their power and experience as a nationally-recognized home builder with a deep local reverence for each community in which they build. Every Brightland home, including those at Bloom, comes with dedicated, attentive customer care that extends far beyond the final walkthrough.

Women laughing and enjoying a beer in Fort Collins

Picture Yourself Blossoming at Bloom

New Urbanism has grown out of a need for more human connection in our communities, more convenience and accessibility, and a lighter step on the planet. You can have all of this and more at Bloom, including all of the cultural and residential benefits of a new home in Fort Collins.

It’s time to see a home as more than just a place to rest: it’s a place to be the most yourself you’ve ever been. Stay tuned as Bloom continues to grow so you can and find your place to blossom, here.

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