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Welcome to Bloom Fort Collins

This is a human-inspired kind of place. Fostering that vibe where people, art, and purpose are magnetically drawn together. New homes and New Urbanism. Centers and shops and parks for movie nights under the stars. And a boardwalk that celebrates the art of nature and the nature of art.

When you’re in Bloom, you blossom.

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Seek Beauty in Everything

You’ll find there’s a harmony between the modern world and the richness of nature in Bloom. That there’s something for everyone, but really, something for whatever the day wants to do. Regional trail connections that connect you to more. Parks that bring out the best of what makes humans, human (and dogs, dogs). Bloom gives life to all of what makes you, you. And you’re beautiful. All the facets of you.

Check out the vibrance of what’s coming to Bloom Fort Collins.

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Mix of things to do at Bloom Fort Collins

New Homes

Call this Home Base

Our home is so much more than where we rest our heads. It’s an expression of ourselves. From the inside, out. Bloom Fort Collins offers a variety of housing options to fulfill wherever you are in life. Comforting and curated spaces for home bases and home offices. Walkable connections to what’s just down the street. A home for just you or the two of you (and the pup). And a home for the whole big family (or soon-to-be). New homes that just naturally fit.

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Our (Neighbor) Hood

Fort Collins, Colorado is a vibrant place. It’s where Colorado State University and its campus of blossoming minds call home. Where the foothills meet the lakes and unique topography of Northern Colorado. Where downtown has an Old Town. This is Bloom Fort Collins. Where urban gets redefined.

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