Innovation in Attainable New Homes at Bloom: The Cottages by Hartford Homes

Bloom is a neighborhood created with value in mind. The homes at Bloom are designed to be functional for a variety of residents, to create a lively, exciting community of people connected by the natural and the urban.

To honor and demonstrate this philosophy, Hartford Homes is launching The Cottages, a brand-new collection of single-family homes. “The Cottages are a more thoughtful and intentional way of single-family living,” says Landon Hoover, owner of Hartford Homes. “The vision is for homeowners to maximize their life, not their square footage.

Intentional (and attainable) by design

The Cottages are designed to be intentional about square footage, rather than just maximizing it for the sake of size. Starting at 1,024 square feet, with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths, these highly efficient and functional living spaces are built on the idea that beautiful Colorado offers plenty of space to play, and a home is just one facet of this lifestyle.

“Ultimately, the Cottages are about a more enriched life,” says Hoover. “The Cottages allow people to own a home that meets all their needs but frees up their discretionary spending for all Colorado has to offer.”

This attainable new home product also fits seamlessly into the purpose and ethos of Bloom as a community.

“The Cottages at Bloom are inspired by nature and outdoor connectivity, featuring large porches at the front and rear that engage with shared green spaces,” says Hoover. “These homes feature rich details and materials and texture that craft the streetscape in a more urban setting.”

Hartford Homes - Award Winning Design

Award-winning innovation in new home construction

The building world has taken notice of Hartford’s impressive and cutting-edge designs for these affordable new homes. The Cottages by Hartford Homes won a Denver Marketing & Merchandising Excellence (MAME) award in November for Best on the Boards Architectural Design/Custom Home. The Cottages have also won for a Best in American Living (BALA) Award for Innovative Housing Concept at the International Builders Show this year, even though The Cottages have yet to be built.

“The Cottages provide the comfort and functionality of a single-family home without the extensive home maintenance and a huge monthly payment, allowing Hartford Homes to meet more attainable housing demands while maintaining a high level of quality spaces and design,” says Hoover.

The Cottages at Bloom are Hartford Homes’ answer for those that want it all: the right amount of square footage, an affordable price, community green space, and accessible amenities. The urban-in-nature spirit of Bloom comes alive with The Cottages product, giving residents everything they want from a new home without all the fluff.

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